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1: Cosmosphere Hutchinson, Kansas
The Mountains are Calling A Journey from John Muir to the Moon. This program is made possible, in part, by the Delos V. Smith Senior Citizens Foundation and Center. Coffee at the Cosmo topics and speakers are subject to change. .. - 100%

2: North American Saddle Mule Association
Serving the Long Ear Lovers with Mule and Donkey Registrations, Shows, a strong emphasis on youth participation and VTP Awards hours on the trails. Amateur Membership includes Novice and Silver Divisions! Competition Points are .. - 100%

3: The Traveling Space Museum We Bring The Adventure Of Space To You!
Time Warner Cable News, L. A. 3-26-08 What Is the Traveling Space Museum? In 1998, The Traveling Space Museum first thrilled students by bringing full-scale and fully functional simulators into schools and using them as teaching .. - 100%

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