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21: Margot Krasojevic Publications
WWW.DECODEINE.ORG WWW.DECODEINE.COM WWW.DYNAMICSDEREALISATION.ORG WWW.SPATIALPATHOLOGIES.COM Margot decodeine.org Margot margotkrasojevic.org Dislocated Realities Publications Dynamics De-realisation Spatial Pathology Fractal .. - 100%

22: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Objects in Space
- 100%

23: A New Energy Form and a New Physics A Very Important Technological Breakthrough
A New Form of Energy New Laws of Physics And a New Technology A Very Important Breakthrough - 100%

24: Quantum Reality Era
Quantum Reality Era is The QR Era. When I applied for the domain name, QR Era, it was not available and so I must make it abundantly clear, that Quantum Reality Era, QRE and The QR Era, are one and the same in my conceptuality .. - 100%

25: Dark Matter and Other Elementary Particles - physics, proton, neutron, quarks, elementary ...
DARK MATTER and OTHER ELEMENTARY PARTICLES Elementary Particle Spatial Model EPSM by Lee Schroeder Send comments to leehschroeder yahoo.com "Dark Matter and Other Elementary Particles" develops a spatial model of the elementary .. - 100%

26: Tony's Home Ancient Wisdom Modern Science
Here is a related pdf file , 2015 Calendar , and a movie. Truth Quark Click Here For A Story. L Click here for UPDATES AND NEW PAGES If you want to see more details, then Click Here to see my Tony's Home web site Here is a .. - 100%

27: Ether theory
Space embraces everything. It is non-deformable, three-dimensional, Euclidean. The visible space is filled by with ethereal medium. The physical model of the ethereal medium consists of two equal, but opposite in sign, types of - 100%

28: Gravity Warp Drive
..Making Star Trek a Reality!? Good Afternoon and Welcome to my Website! Interesting domain name for a Website, isn?t it? This Website is dedicated to sharing the first step of the ?Real Physics? that will make Star Trek a reality .. - 100%

29: Forex News
Keep in mind these heady days in science class at highschool? Grotty earlier Bunsen burners and fruitless makes an try to memorise the periodic desk shouldn't the one points I recall. To this very day, I consider being .. - 100%

30: Absolute Motion Institute Where Truth In Physics Is Sought
The Absolute Motion Institute was created to research and discover the truth about physics, based purely on facts and experimental proof, rather than already-accepted theories. The Institute offers a new look at physical reality .. - 100%

31: An Unconventional Theory Of Our Universe
Modern scientific theory reads like good science fiction. What was once thought to be the 'theory of everything' is now just a question to a question. The reason for this has everything to do with the quantum weirdness now .. - 100%

32: TIME
Just as we do not live on a flat world, we do not live in a static 3-dimensional universe.Evidence of our earth seen from space shows us we live on a global planet. Gravity is evidence of the changing landscape of space. Einstein - 100%

33: www.modernrelativitysite.com
These units explain general relativity only. We assume that the reader already has a full understanding of special relativity. For info on special relativity try our special relativity unit - Unit I - Special Relativity General - 100%

34: Cosmology . The creation of MASS.
The Big Tube and the String Theory - 100%

35: Corry L. Lee
Since completing her doctorate in 2011, Corry has been writing full time. She is currently co-authoring a middle grade science fiction novel think Stargate meets Percy Jackson, with aliens! and writing a young adult fantasy .. - 100%

36: Tong Li
Home Portfolio Blog About Menu Tong Li Home Portfolio Blog About 2004.jpg 2004.jpg - 100%

37: Beyond God and Science - an exploration for answers to the biggest questions about reality
Beyond God and Science. Since my own Near Death Experienc NDE in 1995, I first spent two years trying to make sense of what I learned, then spent the next 12 years trying to ignore it all. Funny thing about trying to ignore .. - 100%

38: Science Site
New Scientific Theories - 100%

39: metaparticles 7th edition
metaparticles seventh edition contents - in screen sequence text with "second world" foreword substantive and conscient metaphysics what might a "multiverse" be good for? laws, cosmic natural -- are they also made by man? is .. - 100%

40: Scott Aaronson
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, affiliated with CSAIL. My research interests center around the capabilities and limits of quantum computers, and computational complexity theory more .. - 100%


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