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21: Gun Control
Stand for a Future Without Gun Violence. 48,338 GUN RELATED DEATHS IN 2015 TELL CONGRESS WE WANT ACTION America has seen yet another violent attack and senseless loss of life at the hands of individuals with easy coordinated .. - 100%

22: JD Guns and Gear
Who we are and what we stand for.. A local veteran owned business that believes in education, training, and supporting our community. FFL by day, but community volunteer by night. image-placeholder Safety, Security, and Savings .. - 100%

23: New GunsUncensored. A Pro Firearms Uncensored Social Network
GunsUncensored.com. An Uncensored, by Invitation Only Private Gun Enthusiast Social Network. - 100%

24: Home - PinyonJay
Bans almost never solve anything. Even in theory, a ban would have to be universally supported to have a chance. Regardless, gun murders, while tragic and worthy of prevention, do not represent the same magnitude of threat to .. - 100%

25: Why Marco Rubio Is a Little Prick
A series of posts showing that Marco Rubio really is a little prick - 100%

26: Politics
The founding fathers listed this right in the bill of rights. This principle is being infringed today through various restrictions of where, how, and what kind of gun you can carry. For example, even with a concealed carry permit .. - 100%

27: Home
Child Access Prevention Law for Vermont. What is our mission? Our mission is to educate Vermonters on the necessity of passing the CAP Law in Vermont to prevent children from unauthorized firearm access. We sponsor a series of .. - 100%

28: Billp47's Blog
Just another WordPress.com weblog by William Phifer - 100%

29: NRAWOL - A critical view of the NRA's compromises
A critical view of the NRA's compromises, from a pro-gun perspective - 100%

30: Assault Weapon Truth The Facts Buried Beneath the Rhetoric
The truth about assault weapons in America the facts about the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban and proposed assault weapon bans. - 100%

31: Concealed Carry Handgun Training
Handgun Classes. Permit students eligible for carry permits legal in several dozen states. - 100%

32: Home
Americans who are victims of gun violence. Of the approximately 33,000 gun-related deaths in the United States each year, roughly two-thirds are suicides. Existing gun violence prevention organizations address legislative and .. - 100%

33: Stand For Something or Stand for Nothing Ebony M. Jones-Kuye
Ebony M. Jones-Kuye - 100%

34: Handgun Owners American Handgun Association
The American Handgun Association was started specifically to support and educate handgun owners. We believe in the right to bear arms responsibly. - 100%

35: International Coalition for Autism and All Abilities Autism education-advocacy-support
Radio player at right . There is also a link you can easily click on and follow directly to our show page to scroll through all the archived shows. We thank you all for your continued interest and support to our efforts and .. - 100%

36: Carry-to-Protect LLC
NRA certified instruction that meets and exceeds requirements set forth by the state of Ohio Attorney General's office for applying to obtain a Concealed Handgun License in Ohio. - 100%

37: Demand an End Georgia Street Grace, Inc
- 100%

38: Demand an End Georgia Street Grace, Inc
- 100%

39: www.allysonsfund.org
- 100%

40: NJGuns
Visit Caso's Gun-A-Rama for great deals on Firearms! click here. US Supreme Court confirms an individual's right to keep and bear arms! DOJ The 2nd Amendment is an individual right! The Armed and Responsible Citizen NJ Gun Forums - 100%


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