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21: John Hoskison - Inside Prison
This is a must read book. Not just an insight into how prison really is but a real life story that illustrates just how quickly your life can turn upside down 'There but for the grace of God' John Francome Author and Champion .. - 100%

22: www.coolxcfarm.com
- 100%

23: www.saveherbalmedicine.com
Home Support Us UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! - Please keep visiting SAVE HERBAL MEDICINE Campaign to Save YOUR choice of Medicines in the UK! Under Construction News House Of Lords Meeting The Resolution About Us Volunteers Campaigns - 100%

24: A Heart For Freedom
The dramatic and fascinating story of Chai Ling, commander-in-chief of the student protesters at Tiananmen Square and witness to the massacre of thousands of Chinese civilians. Risking imprisonment and possible death for her .. - 100%

25: www.chinaonlinefreedom.org
- 100%

26: The Black Lions
We fight for freedom and peace in the East. We want Ethiopia to be a better place, and we have the goal of creating a united Ethiopia. - 100%

27: The Anti-Aggression League
A blog about the police state, regulatory capture, imperialism, neocolonialism, and neoliberalism. - 100%

28: Petition UN Human Rights Council. Investigate India for Human Rights Violations in Kashmir ...
International have been heavily critical of India. Media stories reports are featured here. A documentary made by Channel 4 can be seen here. In April 2016, a US report stated "There were few investigations and prosecutions of .. - 100%

29: MuckiLeaks is a non-profit blog dedicated to bringing important news and information to my ...
Noble peace prize this year! Even when US president Barack Obama got awarded last year, the media made less a story out of it. This time, the media is the smaller problem though. The award got very much politicized and therefore .. - 100%

30: ChrisBattaglia.com
Ontario product that year Cody Hodgson. Granted, Cherry wasn t the only one high on Hodgson, who was selected 10th overall by the Vancouver Canucks, but no one went as high as Cherry did when he was asked which player from the .. - 100%

31: Uyghur American Association
Armed Chinese police patrol near the exit of Urumqi's South Railway Station. BRIEFING China's New Counter-Terrorism Law and Its Human Rights Implications for the Uyghur People Mon, 02 01 2016 - 20 05 The Uyghur Human Rights .. - 100%

32: www.implementnow.org
.. Cyberspace Administration, informed press reporters. The law is not planned to limit foreign technology or products or to set up trade barriers , he said. A few foreign good friends, they equate security controls, .. - 100%

33: China Sucks
China has gotten away with numerous human rights abuses and the stifling of their own citizens voice and freedom in the name of order. China sucks! - 100%

34: Uyghur Human Rights Project
Uyghur Human Rights Project is dedicated to researching, and exposing human rights abuses committed against Uyghurs in East Turkistan. - 100%

35: The SOULUTIONS Now Home Page
survival of earth, life and the human race via global, inclusive spiritual, environmental, social, political, economic ethical renewal and re-creation - 100%

36: Founded in 1992 by Ramsey Clark
April 18-22 Days of action to demand end to U.S. blockade of Cuba france 040616 1.2 million workers, students reject new labor law in France yemen 040416 Yemeni protest targets Saudi Arabia, U.S. ACTION ALERT! dump trump 041616 .. - 100%

37: www.focushope.edu
- 100%

38: United in Peace Foundation
What is United in Peace? What People Say The Rides Recognitions Peace Materials The Way to Happiness The Million Man March Pledge Supporters Govt. Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs Car Clubs Community Clergy Artists Events Help .. - 100%

39: Freedom House
Freedom House issued the following statement. Latest Blog Post Police behind a protest line in Sarajevo, 2014. Photo Credit Stefano Giantin Flickr Creative Commons . The Terror of Southeastern Europe s Failing States June 20, .. - 100%

40: Global Exchange Building People-to-People Ties
Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world. - 100%


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