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1: Human Rights for Workers globalization and its impact on working men and women
Analyzing how globalization affects working men and women and how it creates need to integrate worker rights into global rules - 100%

2: Free Tibet
Language campaigner arrested and detained. Tashi Wangchuk faces 15 years in jail after speaking up for Tibet in a New York Times documentary. Help us to free him. Take action Golog Jigme Stop Torture in Tibet urgent action in the .. - 100%

3: Against Indian Media's inaction
This is an attempt to clean up the system being in the system. No hate comments please. Wednesday, June 10, 2009 The so-called Indian Media its role in Nation building First things first, this blog is not to taint the indian - 100%

4: RickMcCharles.com Not all who wander, are lost.
Not all who wander, are lost. - 100%

5: DTI HomePage
The Delta Technogroup Inc. Home Base! Welcome to the fractal world of The Delta Technogroup! DTI is the parent holding company. DTI has been in business since 1985, and was incorporated in 1990. As the name implies, DTI is a group .. - 100%

6: Virtual Librarian
How can we help you? VL Breaks Out 1997 - 2003 - 100%

7: Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center
hkpsaclogo hkpsac English Contact Us 30 L6-13 C 5 8 Address L6-13 Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 .. - 100%

8: The Business Pride Blog Raising the moral pride of the wealth creators
Raising the moral pride of the wealth creators - 100%

9: Bring Back Our Girls - Home
Bring Back Our Girls Home About What's Happening? News Ariticles Blogs and Op-eds What Can I do? Contact On April 14th, 2014, members of the terrorist group, Boko Haram, kidnapped 270 girls from a boarding school in Chibok, .. - 100%

10: Miskitu Nation A plea for help for my people
This message is a plea for help for my people, the Miskitu, who are being tortured, beaten, shot, maimed and killed, and yet being refused any medical attention by the local hospitals due to the political climate. - 100%

11: Haiti Global Village Men Anpil, Chay Pa Lou
..Union Fait La Force mean. While a few conceived the idea, this is impossible without a true union. The 1804 birth of our nation, initiated by the only successful slave rebellion, could not have happened without it. Neither can .. - 100%

12: www.end-fgm.org
- 100%

13: John Hoskison - Inside Prison
This is a must read book. Not just an insight into how prison really is but a real life story that illustrates just how quickly your life can turn upside down 'There but for the grace of God' John Francome Author and Champion .. - 100%

14: www.coolxcfarm.com
- 100%

15: www.saveherbalmedicine.com
Home Support Us UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! - Please keep visiting SAVE HERBAL MEDICINE Campaign to Save YOUR choice of Medicines in the UK! Under Construction News House Of Lords Meeting The Resolution About Us Volunteers Campaigns - 100%

16: A Heart For Freedom
The dramatic and fascinating story of Chai Ling, commander-in-chief of the student protesters at Tiananmen Square and witness to the massacre of thousands of Chinese civilians. Risking imprisonment and possible death for her .. - 100%

17: www.chinaonlinefreedom.org
- 100%

18: The Black Lions
We fight for freedom and peace in the East. We want Ethiopia to be a better place, and we have the goal of creating a united Ethiopia. - 100%

19: The Anti-Aggression League
A blog about the police state, regulatory capture, imperialism, neocolonialism, and neoliberalism. - 100%

20: Petition UN Human Rights Council. Investigate India for Human Rights Violations in Kashmir ...
International have been heavily critical of India. Media stories reports are featured here. A documentary made by Channel 4 can be seen here. In April 2016, a US report stated "There were few investigations and prosecutions of .. - 100%


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