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1: Telegames Companies Home Page
The Telegames' companies have been developing and publishing high quality, award winning video games since 1986. Become a fan on Facebook! Copyright 1996-2016 Telegames, Inc. 1996-2016 Telegames, Inc. - 100%

2: Federico Scoppa Photojournalist Federico Scoppa Photographer
For seven weeks Gaza was invaded and bombarded. About 2200 lost their life and over 60000 houses where partially or completely destroyed. After.. Calais, stuck in to the Jungle Calais, stuck in to the Jungle About 1500 migrants .. - 100%

3: in side out2010 Corpration
- 100%

4: 12 Bit Games for the Classic Gamers
The goal for 12-Bit Games is to provide with you with quality games. Games made in the style of the classics long ago yet enhanced to be better. Graphically they will resemble 8-bit games. However, as any classic gamer knows .. - 100%

5: The ADAM Resource ADAMCon - Main Library Index
Looking for more ADAM goodness visit SacNews.Net - ADAM Site Looking for a forum base visit AtariAge - ColecoVision ADAM Forum Articles Menu SmartBASIC CP M TDOS SmartLOGO Magazines SmartWRITER GODOS Books Powermate MIDI .. - 100%

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