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1: Fibra
Bagged in 45 or 50 Kgs new polypropylene bags. 2. Bulk. Where rice is loaded loose from large silos in the belly of an ocean vessel. . Rice Mill Facility Packaged Rice We also offer rice in smaller packages to satisfy the demand .. - 100%

2: Home American Society of Agronomy
Forage Turfgrass Mgmt. About Editorial Board Submit a Paper J. Environmental Quality About Editorial Board JEQ Special Sections in Development Journal of Environmental Quality First Look Special Sections Submit a Paper J. Plant .. - 100%

3: papaya seed Aloha Seed
Papaya seed, papaya-seed, Hawaiian Solo, Red Lady 786, papaya, Red Maradol, Tainung 1, virus resistent, hybrid, wholesale, growing, retail. We supply farmers, agents, test labs and government agencies in 85 countries. - 100%

4: VitisGen Home
Specialty Crop Research Initiative competitive grant program. Grape industry surveys and scientist-stakeholder workshops repeatedly identify three traits of high importance to U.S. grape growers for cultivar improvement powdery .. - 100%

5: Vandana Shiva Navdanya
.. Let us join hands to defend the seed and the earth. Let us join our energies in the most important test humanity has ever faced the test of survival. Our seeds are seeds of resistance let us plant them together. Take Action Seed .. - 100%

6: Home Page
Equipments Soil Testing Tissue Analysis H20 Testing and more.. Main Navigation Home Page ProGro News Product Lines Catalog Links People Contact Us MSDS Product Specifications Home Page Thank you for considering the products - 100%

7: IT-Breeding GmbH Bridging Science and Plant Breeding Lyudmyla Malysheva-Otto
Wir k nnen helfen bei moderner Pflanzenzucht - 100%

8: Plantbreeding software
Agri Information Partners delivers standard software E-Brida and OutSite for companies active in research and plant breeding. - 100%

9: Hope Without Borders - International USA
Volunteer trips to Africa, Nepal and Nicaragua. Humanitarian work. - 100%

10: Cisgenesis - Home
Cisgenesis a next step in classical breeding for improved crops - 100%

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