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Top: Science: Astronomy
1: Design Build Operate MAINTAIN Full integration of highways maintenance processes Causeway
Causeway is the only global software provider that powers the design, build, operation and maintenance of the built environment. - 100%

2: Blackskies.com - Guida ai migliori casin online trova casinoonline sicuri community ...
Blackskies Come iniziare a giocare ai migliori casin online community giocatori on line con i giochi roulette e slotmachines, casinoonline approvati aams, trucchi per slot machines e poker on line - 100%

3: www.drdale.com
- 100%

Big Game Ice Planet.jpg landscape.jpg Outlook.jpg Cold Waiting.jpg Outpost 7.jpg City Floor.jpg Dissys Energy.jpg Pikey.jpg PO China Solar Cruiser E.jpg PO Chinese Pilots E.jpg Secure the Barn.jpg Snipers Nest.jpg Shadow of the .. - 100%

5: Black Holes Central.com
Black Holes Central.com is an independent informational site covering black holes with interesting pictures and explanations. Items presented are rather unique and in-depth, but in laymen's language. Technical jargon is kept to a .. - 100%

6: Stars Of MilkyWay
International Atomic Energy Agency. According to News agencies from Africa, researchers had found traces of fission products and fuel wastes at various locations within the mine area. Incredibly, compared with this huge nuclear .. - 100%

.. Galaxies could give glimpse of the instant time be.. Cohabiting black holes challenge theory Astronomers spot leftover light from ancient stars.. Total Pageviews Sparkline Awesome Inc. template. Powered by Blogger. - 100%

8: Welcome to sun-wolf.com
sunwolf gear astronerds grove wolfblog mort troop 852 gallery starforge - 100%

9: Austin Analemma
Austin Texas skyline on the horizon. The first photo was taken in June 2014, the most recent in September 2016. These photos were shot on my iPhone 5 from The Lookout near the Zilker Clubhouse in Austin Texas. I used a clear sky .. - 100%

10: Jacobysnearmisses
List 1 is for Asteroids whose close approaches are between .001 and .11 a.u., List 2 is for Asteroids whose close approaches are less then .001 a.u. from earth. List 3 will list asteroids whose "close" approaches are greater then - 100%

11: Local Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Local Group of galaxies. The Milky Way and Andromeda are the most massive galaxies by far. Click to enlarge Distribution of the iron content in logarithmic scale in four dwarf neighbouring galaxies of the Milky Way The .. - 100%

..Hot Streak Blazing Across NYC Skyline CBS-Its a contrail! ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL? It was a bizarre, glowing red-hot streak in the sky right at sunset Wednesday moving briskly behind the Manhattan skyline. CBS 2 reached .. - 100%

13: AllCreationSpeaks.com - Home
The evidence for creation is often ignored, but cannot be hidden..will you look? Chapters Our Origin Can Be Understood The Truth Endures Look For Yourself The Challenge to Understand With All of the Mind Faith .. - 100%

14: Aerocene
Aerocene, an artistic project by Tom s Saraceno, is a series of air-fuelled sculptures that will fly in the longest, most sustainable journey around the world without engines. - 100%

15: SpaceWeather.com - News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and ...
Solar activity remains low. Credit SDO HMI Sunspot number 86 What is the sunspot number? Updated 11 Dec 2015 Spotless Days Current Stretch 0 days 2015 total 0 days 0% 2014 total 1 day 1% 2013 total 0 days 0% 2012 .. - 100%

16: Robin Crocker
The Wish to Escape into Inner Space For May Swenson Mixed media 13"H x 18"Diameter All is too open all expands, explodes and scampers out and speeds apart. What was a ball, and solid, now balloons, the outline thin, the core .. - 100%

17: Bernard Bayle , Astronomie et Voyages
Bernard Bayle , Astronomie et Voyages - 100%

18: Read this today
An interesting article, essay, or news story from the Internet, served daily. Mostly related to tech, science, space, and computing. - 100%

19: DNA2Blackhole
The term 'Black Hole' was coined in 1969 by John Wheeler, an American scientist .The term loosely refers to a stellar mass which traps the light falling on it and does not allow the same to escape. Thus it appears dark. Black Hole .. - 100%

20: Gary Templar
Gary Templar's photographs and interests - 100%


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