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Top: Society_and_Culture: Cultures_and_Groups: Lesbians,_Gays,_and_Bisexuals
1: Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance
GLAA, an all-volunteer, non-partisan, non-profit political organization, was founded in 1971 to advance the equal rights of gay men and lesbians in Washington, DC. We are the nation's oldest continuously active gay and lesbian .. - 100%

2: Autophone of Laredo
Autophone of Laredo- Specialized Business Telecommunications Fast and reliable internet service in Laredo. Available speeds of up to 50 Mb! Technology is complex. Our approach, simple. - 100%

3: HarveysBar.com The Leading Harveys Bar Site on the Net
Click here to buy HarveysBar.com for your website name! HarveysBar.com HarveysBar.com Search Privacy Policy - 100%

Phone, chat, email support, resources, and help for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender LGBT community - 100%

5: Welcome to gayactivism Homepage Find it all on gayactivism.com
information.com What you need, when you need it August 1, 2005 Bookmark this page Make this your homepage Video Games Airline Tickets Free Casino Games Hotels Free Coupons Cell Phones Online Gambling Popular Links - 100%

6: Welcome to Westmass
Web site conception, design and development Java, CGI, Perl, animations, sound, video, interactivity search tools, chat rooms, discussion boards database development computer and Internet training including Windows '98. - 100%

7: Haydennet.com Joseph Andrew Hayden, Juris Doctor Blogging since 1997!
.. Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth? Uncategorized We Don t Live in a Democracy November 14, 2016 jah Leave a comment I m seriously renewing my efforts to pursue the dual Italian citizenship I am entitled .. - 100%

8: Roxie - San Francisco's historic, nonprofit cinema.
San Francisco's historic, nonprofit cinema. - 100%

9: Fresh Fruit Bouquets Stores, Edible Arrangements the Fruit Experts Since 1999
Fresh fruit baskets made by Edible Arrangements are the perfect gifts for Birthday gifts and holidays centerpieces. Stop by one of our 1000 stores worldwide to see what everyone s talking about. - 100%

10: Welcome to Ibe Smith's Blog
More gays are been exposed daily since GEJ signed the anti-gay law. Obviously, same sex has spread deep into our society and is going to take a very long time to put a stop to it. Report has it that two gay men were nabbed in .. - 100%

11: www.qvzine.net
queericulum vitae 1 2 3 4 rendez - vous contact link download english Pride 2013 .. - 100%

12: A n t y p o d y M o d y Bi uteria Torebki Kolczyki Bransoletki Vintage Sklep
Bi uteria, torebki, kolczyki, bransoletki. Sklep. Vintage. Modne torebki, bi uteria artystyczna. Modne bransoletki, koraliki, modne kolczyki. Grafiki, obrazy, decoupage, zabawki. - 100%

13: Warren Cook
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14: 1984 Dinners An audio archive and information about art and politics in the year 1984.
1984 Dinners About Methodology London Singapore Melbourne Johannesburg Map Select Page About About Melbourne Dinner Melbourne Dinner Singapore Dinner Singapore Dinner London Dinner London Dinner Johannesburg Dinner Johannesburg .. - 100%

15: KymThinks
Headsetoptions Activism, Webdesign for Non-Profits a Socio-political Blog - 100%

16: Anna awska - JEWELLERY
Anna awska od ponad pi ciu lat konsekwentnie buduje swoj mark , co sezon prezentuj c nowe modele bi uterii. Delikatne i skromne formy wykonane s przede wszystkim ze srebra oraz z ota. Bi uteria Anny awskiej czy .. - 100%

17: Choco Jewelry - Jubilerska pracownia artystyczna - ChocoJewelry
ChocoJewelry- profesjonalna pracownia jubilerska. W ofercie bi uteria lubna, wieczorowa, dzienna i piercing. Srebro i kamienie Swarovski. Realizacja indywidualnych projekt w bi uterii! - 100%

18: Sztuczna Bi uteria i Ozdoby do W os w. Hurtownia - Import - Export AVANTI d
Sztuczna bizuteria i ozdoby do wlosow - 100%

19: Okna Rolety Bramy Janusz Kolenda
Witaj na stronie internetowej naszej firmy. Zajmujemy si stolark otworow -pe n , produkcj , sprzeda , monta em oraz serwisem okien, bram, aluzji, rolet, parapet w i fasad. Mam nadziej , e zamieszczone informacje - 100%

20: Home Pentaho Geeks, Pentaho Training
Pentaho Geek provides Pentaho Training in Pentaho BI. Contact us for Pentaho BI Job Support. - 100%


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