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21: Espa ol Your Whole Baby
Nos encanta que est s aqu ! Queremos lo mejor para tu beb y hay un par de decisiones monumentales que debes verificar primero. A veces puede ser dif cil separar los consejos de allegados o familiares y normas culturales .. - 100%

22: The circumcision taboos. Phimosis frenulum and foreskin conditions, phimosis and male ...
Now, All boys must be checked. ..phimosis, frenulum-breve and foreskin conditions, inhibit sexual activity. Research on early prevention and individual treatment.. - 100%

23: Circumcision Videos
Circumcision Videos Four distinctly different videos explain why opposition to circumcision is growing and why the circumcision rate is declining. What do other informed and compassionate parents know that you should know? - 100%

24: Choosing Circumcision
I chose to be circumcised. These are my reasons and my experience, and why you might it choose too. - 100%

25: Abolish Circumcision StopTheCut.org
StopTheCut.org is a non-profit organization educating the public and medical personnel about the harmful consequences of childhood circumcision, and working toward abolishing this unnecessary and harmful procedure. - 100%

26: Students for Genital Integrity fighting for the rights of all sexes
About SGI What is Genital Integrity? SGI Chapters Links Forums Press and News Featured video Dr. Dean Edell discusses the misleading and unsound arguments in the current drive to circumcise Africa. No one has the right to cut off .. - 100%

27: Andrew Copson
.. Sunday Times story this morning. Obviously it has all been an enormous disappointment and a bitter pill for all of us who have worked so hard on this issue for over a decade but especially in the last two intense years. I .. - 100%

28: i2 Research Hub Main Index
A free, organized, pro-integrity i2 collection of medical, ethical, historical, and other articles on MGC FGC, with several useful research tools. - 100%

29: Not Circumcised? Lucky Stiff! - Foreskin benefits, circumcision problems
Information, bumper stickers, and documentary on circumcision and the benefits of an uncircumcised penis and foreskin. - 100%

30: Dale Bartolome Anti-Circumcision Intactivist Foreskin Restoration Blog
Dale Bartolome Anti-Circumcision Intactivist Foreskin Restoration Blog Menu Skip to content Home Anti-Circumcision Foreskin Restoration Intactivism Welcome Posted on January 14, 2017 January 14, 2017 by .. - 100%

31: International Coalition for Genital Integrity - Intactivist Group
Intactivist organizations devoted to protecting genital integrity and children's rights by opposing forced male and female circumcision. - 100%

32: Circumcision HelpDesk Home
The Circumcision Help Desk is a not-for-profit provider to the general public of accurate, medically approved information regarding male circumcision. - 100%

33: The WHOLE Network Accurate Circumcision Foreskin Information - The WHOLE Network - ...
We are a grassroots organization dedicated to providing accurate information about circumcision and the benefits of the foreskin. - 100%

34: Art Of Allowing Mindset
Regret is specified as sensation accountable for misbehavior. Isn't really it fascinating that we can feel regret merely for doing something that somebody else does not authorize of, or because we ourselves, or somebody we enjoy, .. - 100%

35: Phimosis Care Everything you should know about phimosis
Phimosis Care Everything you should know about phimosis Skip to content Home Pathological Phimosis Physiological Phimosis Prevention Prognosis Treatment Options Phimosis Cleaning Washing Guide What is Phimosis Phimosis is a .. - 100%

36: CircumcisionAmerica, Circumcision Academy of America Home Page
Circumcision Academy of America - Medical information about all aspects of male circumcision from an American perspective, including solving foreskin problems like phimosis and balanitis. Discussed are both the risks and the .. - 100%

37: NotJustSkin.org People are not just skin.
This website is certified by Health On the Net Foundation. Click to verify. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information verify here. Search only trustworthy HONcode health websites Search .. - 100%

38: All About Circumcision Where to Get and What to Expect. - Circumcision Information Center
What is Circumcision? Why get circumcised? Pros Cons of Circimcision? Search this site Search Circumcision Information CenterAll You Need to Know about Circumcision HOME Adult Circumcision Cosmetic Circumcision Ritual Circumcision .. - 100%

39: Beyond the Bris News and Views on Jewish Circumcision
Why Question Circumcision? Brit Shalom Providers Youtube Press Donate Coming This Spring Celebrating Brit Shalom A Book for Jewish Families Questioning Circumcision Wednesday, November 26, 2014 Navigating Gender Stereotypes .. - 100%

40: Circumcision Decision Intact America
Intact America believes infant circumcision is unnecessary, risky, harmful, painful and unethical, and works to protect newborns, babies, and children from genital alteration surgery. - 100%


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