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1: MAN vs. CHILD
I'm Doug Moe, a comedian from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. This is my blog about the insanity of being a dad.My book, Man vs. Child One Dad's Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting comes out in.. - 100%

2: Not A Mom Society Home Page
Welcome to Not A Mom, a society for women without children.A dawning of a new assembly. The introduction to the Not A Mom Society. A forum for women wihtout children. - 100%

3: Raising Three Zs
Looking for something specific? Use the search bar to find it! prev next Back to RAISING THREE ZS IMG 9858.jpg 21 MOMFILES IMG 0011.JPG 3 THREEZS IMG 0092.JPG 2 MOMTESTED IMG 7355.jpg 1 ZOPHIEJADE IMG 9666.jpg 1 ZOMBIEZAYNE .. - 100%

4: Colemania.com
What a suspicious thing to say. Five minutes later I found him in the kitchen eating peanut butter from the jar by the spoonful. To Quote a Coleman I would use eleven sharks. Callie said, after hearing on the Discovery Channel .. - 100%

5: Counseling, Psychotherapy - Dr. David Palmiter - Clarks Summit, Pa
Counseling and Psychotherapy in Clarkes Summit and Scranton, PA regions. Serving kids, teens, couples, families and adults. Also serving attorneys, athletes and companies on legal and wellness issues. - 100%

6: PTO Biz Connect
One thing we all have in common is a lack of time. As a PTO president at my daughters' elementary school, a small business owner, a father, and a husband, I found it difficult to find the time to reach out to businesses in the .. - 100%

7: Brenna Stull Home
Brenna Stull, author of Coach Mom, speaker to women's groups. Helps - 100%

8: Daddybetes
Cassie is an accomplished debater. I'm sure she'd pose a hypothetical question like "What if the tattoo said I have diabetes?" That way, it could eliminate the need for a medic alert bracelet. I've seen some of nice ones, like - 100%

9: BrandonJaquezDonahue
Customizing and personalizing things is to me a rite. I believe in the ability to transcend the original state and meaning of things. I see myself in the work and realize that I, too, have potential to change. Two art-making .. - 100%

10: The Pricher Family Tree House
Family Pictures online at Mac.com Prichers and Others - Immediate Family and Ancestral Extended Family Maternal Side - Families of my mother's brother and sisters Contents Genealogy There are currently about eighty thousand names .. - 100%

11: Looking for Blue Sky
Then two things came together. Smiley was given a respite night on Holy Thursday, and I was asked to take part in the annual 20K charity walk in the Wicklow Mountains on Good Friday organised by delganylady to raise funds for .. - 100%

12: stokey dad a site for all dads style, parenting and related musings
a site for all dads style, parenting and related musings - 100%

13: The Dad Network
A blog for new, expecting dads and fathers. What dads need to know. - 100%

14: Dads Of Montreal
The place where Fatherhood Stories become alive! - 100%

15: 30 30
Turning 30 gave me a chance to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes worrying. I had become a perfectly average writer, comfortably employed and occasionally published. This, of course, was a nightmare. In the soggy trenches of the .. - 100%

16: Homemaking
June Cleaver in the 1950s show Leave It to Beaver. Today's mom at home is known as a "stay-at-home mom," a "mother at home," a "domestic engineer," but rarely a "homemaker." However, before we completely throw this word out, I .. - 100%

17: A Single Parents .com
Parents starts here for all who are single, step, blended and parenting. Find the needed parenting help, tools, skills, emotional, financial support needed for a single, step, or blended parent to thrive. We ARE a Single, step .. - 100%

Mom of 2. Wife. Mompreneur. DIYer. Foodie. Explorer. Professional Deal Finder. - 100%

19: Dr. Isabelle Fox Being There The Benefits of a Stay-At-Home Parent
Being There The Benefits of a Stay-At-Home Parent. Millions of infants and toddlers are being deprived of nurturing care due to both parents working and the frequent changing of primary caregivers. - 100%

20: Dad's First Baby
Simple Steps To Conquer The 7 Greatest Fears Of Fatherhood.. Nervous About Becoming A Father? Here's Everything You Need To Know To Become The World's Best Dad! Discover how to take care of your new baby and build a stronger, .. - 100%


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