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21: J W Baker - Artist
Artist - J. W. Baker - providing Original Fantasy and Wildlife Art, Illustration online since 1998. Commissioned Art and Art Licensing Available. - 100%

22: Home
All Rights Reserved. Powered Designed by brucejdesign.com - 100%

23: Montana Art
Art gallery features original watercolor paintings by Montana artist, Don H. Mundt. Inspired by the Montana landscape, Don H. Mundt creates miniature watercolor paintings to large acrylics. Look to MontanaArt.com for links to .. - 100%

24: Gil Bruvel
Artist specializing in fine art including sculptures in stainless steel and bronze, original oil paintings and mixed media. - 100%

25: Sandy Frazier Expressionist for the 21st Century
.. New Revised Edition Available Now! When Sandy began writing this book, the title was intended to be "Truth in Art." She d gathered ideas for many years, taking all her personal experiences as an artist and observer into account .. - 100%

26: Claudia Coleman - About the Artist
website description - 100%

27: www.rcronin.com
.. - 100%

28: Art-Paintings-Online art gallery - Jennifer Ardolino - Watercolors - Limited edition ...
Art-Paintings-Online art gallery-Original tropical watercolor paintings Abstract art Limited edition giclee prints reflecting the Tropical Florida landscapes flowers birds fish beach sunset pictures - 100%

29: www.broadartfdn.org
- 100%

30: Seline Elin
San Jose State University. Seline pursued part-time modeling acting, and her vivacious personality and natural beauty landed her a part in the Oliver Stone movie, "Heaven and Earth". Seline is also the co-founder of a social web .. - 100%

One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it." Eleanor Roosevelt ALC Website Visual2.jpg Quote 1 An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi SCROLL DOWN .. - 100%

32: Jinseikou
NYC Based Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and French bulldog lover - 100%

33: The Art of Olga Lora
Painting enriches my life and keeps my soul alive. It is a game between reality, imagination and creativity. but have their own space, their own uniqueness. In giving form and mass to objects through the combination of .. - 100%

34: zensekwa
hand made oil painting one-of-a-kind pink red blue original artwork - 100%

35: Aric Crafford
Aric Crafford is a Chicago-based artist working in photography, video and sculpture. - 100%

36: Aysha Arts
Projects Illustration Sketchbooks About Contact Menu Aysha Arts Artist llustrator Projects Illustration Sketchbooks About Contact prev next Back to Projects IMG 7106.jpg 0 Depths of the Sea Picture15.jpg 0 Foley Project .. - 100%

37: Heloisa Brand o Arts
Art is beauty, it is life, it is love. It is the ability to have "eyes to see", to absorb nature internally, to our mind and heart. - 100%

38: Concept Fioka
Ana Vojnovic, 2013 "I look into your eyes, coloured with the layers of the unknown, and I ask what is our relation? As I pause in my questioning, I am filled with silence and awe, for ways in which you reflect in me is beyond what .. - 100%

39: Home Page
Art Home Music Home Site Page Janandjohn witheandstone.com - 100%

40: Emily Payne Art
Upcoming Solo Show at Seagar Gray Gallery. Opening February 4, 2017. Upcoming Solo Show at Seagar Gray Gallery. Opening February 4, 2017. Upcoming Solo Show at Seagar Gray Gallery. Opening February 4, 2017. Pinwheel installation .. - 100%


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