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21: We Love The Stars Too Fondly Shared thoughts images while questing for what we all want to ...
Shared thoughts images while questing for what we all want to be as we grow older - 100%

22: www.aetos-apokalypsis.com
blog blog - 100%

23: Home
Guests at the National Museum L OTHIANPARANORMAL.COM we want to hear from you An STV documentary with a world famous actor phenomena magazine follow us on facebook . Home About Services Contact Team Profiles Ufology videos .. - 100%

24: Dedroidify.com - Mind Expanding Mission
A mind expanding site with over 100 pages dealing with consciousness, reality, philosophy, spirituality, mystery history, entheogens, etc - 100%

25: CAUPP -Canadian Association of Ufology and Paranormal Phenomena
CAUPP - A group dedicated to the study of paranormal phenomena and UFO investigations in Canada. Dedicated to finding out the truth about what surrounds us, paranomal activities and conspiracy therories. - 100%

26: AlienLove
News, Forums, Radio, Vermont and more! - 100%

27: Home
Website of the book " A Disruptive Invention" - 100%

28: Blue Blurry Lines
Examining the mystery of the December 29, 1980 Cash-Landrum UFO encounter and its investigation. Betty Cash, Colby Vickie Landrum changed forever. - 100%

29: UFO phenomenon
Files S1-E11,12,13,14,15 - UFOs Then Now? Aliens Contact 6 05 AM No comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook UFO Files, video UFO Files .. - 100%

30: Sky Ships Over Cashiers - UFO hot spot in western North Carolina - Cashiers, NC
You can report Ship Ship UFO sightings over the greater Cashiers area on this website. The Cashiers area of western North Carolina may be the new UFO hot spot. - 100%

31: xnews - UFO Technology - Xnews
News and research about UFOs, paranormal and UFO phenomena. Includes videos, movies, books and media, devoted to unexplained, top secret, events and conferences. - 100%

32: Welcome to Pegasus Research Consortium
Pegasus Research Consortium - 100%

33: 911 Eyewitness - Help find the Truth!
911 Eyewitness, exposes inconsistencies between the U.S. Govt. version of events on September 11, 2001 and the irrefutable evidence of eyewitnesses. - 100%

34: UFO International Project - Discovering the truth about UFO Sightings and Alien contact
Discovering the truth about UFO Sightings and Alien contact - 100%

35: AllGlobalConspiracies
Global Conspiracy Index. Everything they dont want you to know. - 100%

36: www.butchykid.com
- 100%

37: Liz Jesus
The answer is a resounding YES.. Extraterrestrial kachina doll portal alien elongated skull, Mahabharata technology sanskrit helicopter heiroglyph clearly ancient religions, pre-colonial aerodynamics weightless Nazca lines space .. - 100%

38: Russian and Eurasian UFO and USO Research
Eurasian UFO USO and paranormal phenomena. My work, and latest news from my colleagues will be featured in this blog. Tuesday, June 28, 2016 The Antikythera Mechanism view from Ukraine mysteries of ancient China ..How many .. - 100%

What we want to become, needs to be an idea versed and exchanged. We have caught ourselves in a situation where we exist in separate dimensions, the analog and the digital. In order to not poison the rewarding potentials of the .. - 100%

40: DMindex
Click Here to go directly to Dark Mission.net setstats setstats setstats - 100%


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