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41: Poop on the Prez
Are you tried of constantly being shit on by our elected leaders? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. Well now it is time to exact some revenge. Click on the presidential candidate you don't like. Or better yet, why not take a .. - 100%

42: MDP
House Republicans Shielding Gov. Snyder from Accountability in Flint Water Crisis Aug. 15th 2016 MDP Statement on Hillary Clinton's Economic Policy Speech in Warren Aug. 11th 2016 MDP Statement on Trump's Suggestion "Second .. - 100%

43: Welcome to POPULARPM.ORG
Millions have already taken this amazing test. What's your RealAge? RealAge.com Barack Obama Posters Decorate your walls, or cubicle with these Obama posters. www.DemocraticStuff.com What will happen in 2009? With your birthdate, - 100%

44: Welcome to ARABVOTERS.COM
Not An American Citizen Watch this Story!RT.com Help Haiti WorldVision Haitan earthquake donate 25 to families devastated by earthquakesWorldVision.org Election Problem Solver Get Preloaded Pollsite Maps, Voting Machine Videos, - 100%

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