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21: Ahsan Sayed
Thoughts on Politics, Books and Technology - 100%

22: Futurepower - Home
Futurepower reg Technology Support - 100%

23: audiojournal.com
Almost everything around us is the product of human labor -- much of it performed in faraway places. This award-winning series, a co-production of Marketplace and Homelands, takes you into the lives of single workers in the global .. - 100%

24: cyberLeninism home page
What is going on with this site? What is Ben Seattle up to? "The good, the bad and the ugly" last updated May 8, 2002 The cyberLeninist Manifesto Proletarian Democracy How will economics, politics and culture work .. - 100%

25: MWMWM Home Page
Though the blog is moribund now, this page has other important links -- for example, to the Red Road Farm blog, and it accompanying OrderChaos Sustainable Personal Agriculture and Energy resource collection. The complete archive .. - 100%

26: edmund k. saunders good intentions, gone horribly astray
good intentions, gone horribly astray - 100%

27: J'Boi's Rant and Satirical Commentary site.
SatireTime.com - a collection of satirical, comedic and barbed comments, jokes, cartoons and statements on world affairs, Canadian and US politics, controversial moves by world leaders and other topics - 100%

28: Shabogan Graffiti
Jack Graham's Shabogan Graffiti, a Gothic Marxist blog on TV, Movies, Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Culture, Politics, with focus on Doctor Who - 100%

29: dianadarke Syria and Turkey commentary
Syria and Turkey commentary by Diana Darke - 100%

30: The Charnel-House From Bauhaus to Beinhaus
From Bauhaus to Beinhaus by Ross Wolfe - 100%

31: The Clampdown I'm not workin' for the Clampdown.
I'm not workin' for the Clampdown. by Blaknsam - 100%

32: Home
Thank you for contacting us! If needed, you will hear back within 48-72 hours. Name or remain anonymous Our mission is to actively challenge, resist and dismantle systems of oppression that adversely impact the Black and .. - 100%

33: Home Page
Americans have been thrust into. After my son, Damon was killed by a self-styled Rambo, my life was changed forever. Just seventeen, Damon was lured to have a drink with some older kids. They got into a political argument over .. - 100%

34: www.chrisgirgenti.com
- 100%

35: Democritus Association
..The worst plague of the 20th century is not AIDS but religious fundamentalism," said the Nobel Prize awardee Wole Soyinka. "Fundamentalism is the greatest threat to world peace and democracy, he warned against new militant .. - 100%

36: Thru The Gate Of Horn
..The Gate Of Horn Middle East Proverbial fork in the road! ThruThe Gate Of Horn Middle East Proverbial fork in the road! Diplomacy and statesmanship at it's very hypocritical and amateur worst!, The Secretary of State today in .. - 100%

37: Where politics circles the drain - Politisink
Politisink Where politics circles the drain - 100%

38: Socialist Viewpoint . news and analysis for working people
Answer to Michael Moore We ain't Gonna Play the Game No More! By Bonnie Weinstein Abu Graib Comes to Amerika Expanded By Kevin Rashid Johnson Let s Have a Real Protest, Not a Democratic Pep Rally, on October 2nd By Glen .. - 100%

39: QL Main index
Facing down apocalypse read.. Back when 2,500 people a year were being murdered on the filthy streets and subways of the city, when crime and drug abuse were everywhere, when taxes could only go up and businesses could only go .. - 100%

40: M.F.S
Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you read. All photographs featured on this sight are original. A larger selection and more information can be found here. Summary Block This is example content. Double-click here .. - 100%


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