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21: Informal Communist Discussion
.. Once a year I add a few minor updates to this site. What is current in the news? Now that the election is safely out of the way, US imperialism is gearing up for unprecedented slaughter in Falluja. Burning Man 2004 Desert .. - 100%

22: Revolution in Retreat
The Russian revolution of 1917 was a defining event of the 20th century, and its achievements and failures remain controversial in the 21st. This critically acclaimed book, published in 2008, focuses on the retreat from the .. - 100%

23: -
.. Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought or Maoism! We have to remember the immortal contributions of Comrades like Marx,Lenin,Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. The achievements of U.S.S.R from 1917-1956 and China from 1949-1976 are .. - 100%

24: www.novilevi.org
" - , ." .. - 100%

25: Soviet Roulette
This blog is for enthusiasts of Russian and Soviet history and literature. It seeks to demonstrate that the Soviet revolutionary experience is central to any meaningful analysis of the human condition in the 21st century. - 100%

26: Internationalist Perspective - Perspective Internationaliste
IP website - 100%

27: From 2008 to 2012 The journal 2008-2012 was published once at the end of December 2012 as ...
The journal 2008-2012 was published once at the end of December 2012 as an individual project of understanding the recent past of the class struggle on this basis it openly called for a theoretical discussion addressing those .. - 100%

28: Francois Bonnet ? Sociology
Francois Bonnet ? Sociologie - 100%

29: www.logos-publishing.com
Indoctrination through Media, Art and Film. Exploitation of Romanticism Hitler s Blaue Blume his infatuation with a girl who might have been Jewish Nazi Propaganda- Part 2 The Nazification of the Cultural Heritage of .. - 100%

30: Scientific Socialist Home
A Review of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist Theory and Practice - 100%

31: German Guerilla
Books on Armed Struggle from Leftwingbooks.net Books on Germany from Leftwingbooks.net Projectiles for the People is a highly accessible rendition of a story of struggle that puts us into both the thought and the action. That .. - 100%

32: , ,China, East, , , ,
East, , , , , Ost, Orient, by chinastan.org - 100%

33: Girish Mishra
Current ZNet Article - Gresham s Law in Present day India We use security software from Security and Privacy Software. - 100%

34: Urban Guerilla
Weather Underground Organization u.s.a. Recent News Out The Making of a Revolutionary Arm the Spirit Archive Two Aspects of Power Consciousness and Physical Force Armed Confrontation in West Germany in the 1970s and 1980s May .. - 100%

ABOUT ARTICLES GALLERY ARCHIVE THE SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE stands for the cause of social revolution as conceived in its Marxist Leninist perception in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions. Hence, in the present day .. - 100%

36: October 2005 Archives
Summing up, it is necessary to tell about several basic things. First, down to 15 centuries the Novgorod ground was practically independent state with independent culture, the truth not so distinct from all other Russian state. .. - 100%

Communist Party of Indonesia. No stars veteran guerrilla RI him let alone badge awarded by the Republic of Indonesia. The struggle and the pursuit of a Soemarsono in the era of independence which escaped the death penalty many .. - 100%

38: wup
Francais English Farsi - 100%

39: potandkettlecommentary.com
The Internet Must Die, Indeed?! To the illustrious Mr. Pot Will wonders never cease! Previously, Mr. Pot unashamedly admitted to participating in actually OWNING! a wholly capitalistic enterprise Math, Money, and Politics 12 .. - 100%

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