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1: Immigration, Numbers, NumbersUSA For Lower Immigration Levels
.. Jeff Sessions R-Ala. , Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, introduced an amendment on Monday to the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act that would restrict funds from .. - 100%

2: Home Federation for American Immigration Reform
Sign up to receive the latest immigration news and information. CONNECT WITH US. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Instagram with us Watch us Contact FAIR FEATURED .. .. .. - 100%

3: www.unfairus.org
Home What's Hot News Arizona FAIR Contact Us Ever wonder why our population continues to increase at an unsustainable rate, our environment continues to be destroyed, and illegal immigration continues unabated? Ever wonder what .. - 100%

4: We Support America!
Oregon's Senior Senator is a proponent of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and supports Job killing taxes. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem! - 100%

5: Look, Listen Think common sense revisited
The false thinking has been exposed. Illegal immigration has brought into our country masses of foreign speaking people with no regard for our language or our society. Research shows that the number of rapidly increasing illegals .. - 100%

6: Dr. John H. Tanton website - a visionary and futurist concerned about population ...
Dr. John Tanton website - a futurist and visionary concerned about mass immigration and population stabilization - 100%

7: Dr. John H. Tanton website - a visionary and futurist concerned about population ...
Dr. John Tanton website - a futurist and visionary concerned about mass immigration and population stabilization - 100%

8: Californians For Population Stabilization
Promotes policies and programs designed to stabilize the population at a level to preserve a good quality of life for all Californians. - 100%

9: Take the Granny Poll - Make America Great Again!
There are just to many protesters on the streets. Make your voice heard on current issues that are in the news without the violent confrontations by casting your vote on www.TakeTheGrannyPoll.com - 100%

10: Call Your Rep, Friend
The people united will never be defeated. - 100%

11: Tell Bayh No! Americans for Prosperity
Take action for a better future. JOIN Join Americans for Prosperity CONTRIBUTE Changing the Nation, One State at a Time About AFP Issues State Chapters Blog Events Newsroom Contact Us AFP Home Tell Bayh No! AFP Tell Bayh No! - 100%

12: Protecting Dairy Producers' Margins Margin Protection Program
Margin Protection Program for 2016 has now passed. Margin Protection Program Calculator Do you need help figuring out coverage levels under the Margin Protection Program? Use this calculator, developed by the National Milk .. - 100%

13: GumUpTheWorks.Org - Blog
There are serious problems with this approach to economic growth. The idea of growing an economy, not through innovation, efficiency, or increased per capita demand, but by increasing the population, is essentially what some have .. - 100%

14: Mexico Wall Making America Safer.
Mexico Wall Mexico Wall Making America Safer. Menu Home Legal Immigration Illegal Immigration Amnesty Anchor Babies Immigration News MAKE AMERICA SAFER Lets Fix Our Southern Border once for All mexico wall video mexico wall photos .. - 100%

15: Sprawl, Congestion, and Farmland NumbersUSA
The Census Bureau estimates the population of the United States to be 459 million by the year 2050. That's more than a 33% increase over the next 40 years. Experts say the average American needs 1 acre of farmland to produce the .. - 100%

16: Readers Comments
Friends of the Constitution, San Benito Chapter discussed events that can have an influence on San Benito County California. - 100%

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