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21: Jamie Hafner
Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Greek, petra, meaning stone , ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology. The term was coined in .. - 100%

22: Acupuncture in London
Acupuncture in London clinic blog classical Chinese medicine acupuncture theory, evidenced based acupuncture research, recent tcm acupuncture news with my interpretation through clinical practice. acupuncture in london clinic .. - 100%

23: Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society
Preserving the heritage of the Lake Ronkonkoma communtiy. - 100%

24: Deb Lukas, Siskiyou Mountain Herbs, Organic Herbs Grown on Frog Farm, Cave Junction, ...
Siskiyou Mountain Herbs is a family business located in Southern Oregon. We offer herbal consultations, organic and wildcrafted products, and an assortment of classes. In order to provide high quality products while protecting .. - 100%

25: How To Climb Harder - Rock Climbing Essential Skills and Techniques
Rock Climbing Essential Skills and Techniques - 100%

26: Crafts Sayings, Quotes, Poems, and Expressions
Crafts sayings, quotes, poems, expressions, proverbs, free craft projects, contest, and newsletter - 100%

27: Certified Herbalist
Who were the first herbalists? Women were the first herbalists. They took care of children, foraged for food and knew the plant and edible plant landscape the best. It was really a natural progression from there. The ancients must .. - 100%

28: Dr Norman Allan
This site presents all my work. I have four main pursuits, activities, avocations.. alternative medicine writing, drawing that's 2 and 3 and first I was a scientist take a look around. an old picture I am now much older .. - 100%

29: Nicole Rush, Naturopathic Doctor
naturopathic medicine, naturopathy, ND, London Ontario - 100%

30: Vibration Magazine Flower Essences Flower Remedies Vibrational Essences
- 100%

31: The Herbal Nexus
The Herbal Nexus Herbs are discussed from folkloric and research perspectives. Photographs. Includes a message forum. Essays and articles. - 100%

32: Heal Yourself Heal Your World Home
Please use this site as a resource to find tools for your own healing. Ask to be on my email list to receive notice about Yoga and other wellbeing-related events and news. Download your Yoga with Deborah audio here! Saturday Dec - 100%

33: Veganic Agriculture Network
Promoting plant-based farming and gardening throughout North America - 100%

34: Sacred Plant Traditions
- 100%

35: Gaia Center for Herbal Studies - Michigan Herbal Studies Center - Ann Arbor
Michigan Herbalist Mary Light directs Gaia Center for Herbal Studies, est. 2004 , offering certification, classes and workshops in medicinal herbal practice. - 100%

36: IAA Home
Countries all over the World. You will be able to find the list of foreign students on our web. IAA has published 10 books on Ayurveda and Yoga topics. Amongst these Secrets of Marma and Panchakarma books are very popular.. Read .. - 100%

37: Alaska Acupuncture Herbs
Alaska Acupuncture Herbs provides wellness practitioners services in and around Fairbanks AK. - 100%

38: Louise L A Moore Medical Herbalist - Home
Louise L A Moore Medical Herbalist Home About The consultation Contact L HERBAL MEDICINE Louise L A Moore BSc Hons MCPP Medical Herbalist Phytotherapist The Healthy living centre 282-284 St Paul's Road London N1 2LH 2014 .. - 100%

39: Homoeopathic Information Service
Heroin and Positronium and many others. A Supplement to Clarke A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by Peter David Fraser. New remedies explained in the format used by John Henry Clarke Hom opath's .. - 100%

40: Acupuncture, Herbs, and Chinese Medicine - Orlando, Florida
Dr.Chung specializes in traditional chinese medicine focusing on herbs and acupuncture. - 100%


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