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21: Barutiwa News Online - Index
Barutiwa News Online presents citizen journalism from a black American perspective. - 100%

22: randy hamilton's posterous - a never ending journey of invention and innovation
These are the teams that win. Once you've had a taste of great leadership, you learn to quickly identify the players-- the fake people who profess to be leaders-- the ones who pit people against each other-- who create a culture .. - 100%

Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind is a general-interest monthly available free of charge to legally blind people in contracted braille, on four-track half-speed cassette, online and by e-mail. The Ziegler, as it is known, - 100%

24: Molly Mirhashem
Molly Mirhashem is a journalist living in Washington, DC. She currently works as a web intern at The New Republic. - 100%

25: caultonorg David Caulton's thoughts on the tech industry
David Caulton's thoughts on the tech industry - 100%

26: Latterly
Each month, Latterly magazine tells four journalistic narratives about people on the leading edge of scientific, moral and artistic progress. - 100%

27: www.twnursinghomehk.com
- 100%

28: Sarah Sharp Pacific Northwest Journalist
Sarah Sharp is an award-winning collegiate journalist seeking writing opportunities beyond her senior year at Western Washington University. Sarah has worked for various professional and college media in the greater Bellingham, .. - 100%

29: Amy Ettinger, author
Amy Ettinger is an essayist, journalist and editor. She writes incisively and humorously on topics ranging from marriage to hiking in the Vermont wilderness. Her essay "It's Not a Competition" is featured in the anthology, The .. - 100%

30: activromford.com
Have you been hunting for another career or striving to expand inside of your current position? These queries and loads more have solutions .. - 100%

31: Nvestigator.com
What Happens In Vegas.. Something extraordinary happened this past weekend in Las Vegas, but there's absolutely no way that it will stay in Vegas. More than 800 reporters, bloggers and editors from around the world gathered at .. - 100%

32: Journalism Australia
Australian journalism education journalism research research links for journalists, journalism educators and students. - 100%

33: Jen Scouler
Freelance Journalist Freelance journalist and Masters student in Digital Journalism. I'm a keen writer with a vast arr.. - 100%

34: Home
A political commentary site for rational thinkers. - 100%

35: Paula Vasan
Why Not Just Breathalyze Yourself? Everyone Should Learn to Drive in a Simulator Article 3 Article 4 Article 5 Article 6 Why Not Just Breathalyze Yourself? view Article 1.png Everyone Should Learn to Drive in a Simulator .. - 100%

36: The Society of Professional Obituary Writers
Awards at the convention. Contest details will be posted on the Awards page as they become availble. Recipients of 2009 SPOW Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, and a special award created to honor the late Gayle - 100%

37: THE ESCAPERY Where Writing Adventures Begin
Where Writing Adventures Begin by Carson Beker - 100%

38: Teresa Driscoll - Home
Journalist and author Teresa Driscoll with 25 years in newspapers and television - 100%

39: Morgan Thacker
Seventy young women and twenty mentors gathered under colored lights and a disco ball for Girl Empire 2016. January 30, 2016 Girl Empire You make the rules! Continue reading DSC 7518 May 6, 2015 November 3, 2016 Action .. - 100%

40: Longform
Longform.org posts great new and classic non-fiction articles, curated from across the web. - 100%


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