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21: punishedfather.com
A Movement to Defend the rights of Good Fathers A Movement to Defend the rights of Good Fathers - 100%

22: Firearm Wire Breaking news related to all things Firearms
.. Guns Are Virulent Viruses Wipe Them Out! 92-year-old WWII veteran scares off ax-wielding would-be burglar, authorities say A major gun control law has been shot down, with the Maryland assault weapons ban being overturned by a .. - 100%

23: Gun Confiscation
Learn about the arrogance of anti-gun politicians and government officials and their hate of our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms - 100%

24: Mike Elder Productions
HomeWelcome AboutMike Elder Productions About Mike Biography Services My SongsThe Songs of Mike Elder My VideosThe Videos of Mike Elder Let HerFreedom Stand Let Her Freedom Stand Let Her Freedom Stand, A Prayer For Our Nation, is .. - 100%

25: Mike Elder Productions
Law Enforcement, and Firefighting ..and honorably and courageously defend our Constitution, our People, and our Nation. Lyrics by Mike Elder, Music by Dan Fryer, Vocals by Dan and Carol Fryer, Arranged by Tom Tomasello, Video by .. - 100%

26: Interview with John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime
An interview with John R. Lott, Jr., author of More Guns, Less Crime Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition. Also available on website online catalogs, secure online ordering, excerpts from new books. Sign up .. - 100%

27: The webs best firearm blog Weapon info and reviews
Smith Wesson M P 40, Springfield Armory XDM and Xds. I will also be doing some range reports on range ammo, reloads and self defense ammo. I will also do reviews of factory magazines and aftermarket magazines for all the guns .. - 100%

28: Thank Your Legislator
These laws will save lives. We have much to be proud of this year. Thank you. Dear Legislator, Feel free to personalize this message. Simply type your note into the box. Please leave this field blank Say Thank you! Privacy Policy - 100%

29: Highlander Arms LLC - Home
Rights as American Citizens and their Responsibilities by owning a Firearm. With the High Volume of Firearms Flooding the Market recently, we are seeing allot of what We at Highlander Arms LLC call "Junk" Firearms that are sold to .. - 100%

30: CitizensPatrol - Patriotic Gear
Patriotic gear for the concerned citizen! Our patriotic t-shirts are a great addition to your collection. - 100%

31: CitizensPatrol - Patriotic Gear
Patriotic gear for the concerned citizen! Our patriotic t-shirts are a great addition to your collection. - 100%

32: Ban Studded Tires Blog Stuff About Tires and Wheels
Car Accident Claims. Visit Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport Visit them today if you are in the UK and want to take part in the banning of studded tires or would just like more information on how this firm of personal injury .. - 100%

33: Citizen Genius - Home
Home Videos Pic the News Resources History Repeating Spotlight Blog Pass It On Take Action About Contact Picture Picture Picture Picture Follow Citizen Genius on social media to get updates Like Citizen Genius on Facebook and or .. - 100%

34: Rebel in High Heels by Charlotte Laws
Memoir about Dr. Charlotte Laws, the mom who fought and defeated the kingpin of revenge porn and the dangerous forces of conformity. - 100%

35: The Gun Saved Me
..Press on Hello Truth Seekers! Archives February 2013 Categories Uncategorized Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS WordPress.org Copyright 2013 by The Gun Saved Me. All Rights Reserved. Subscribe to The Gun Saved Me's RSS feed. .. - 100%

36: Focus On Defense
Protecting Your Personal Freedom - 100%

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