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1: Teddy Bear UK
Personalised Teddy Bears and Teddy Bears by Steiff from the UK's oldest Teddy Bear website - 100%

2: Introductie-pagina Marianbear - miniberenmaakster minibear artist minib ren k nstlerin
minibear artist e-mail E-mail mij voor vragen, bestellingen, op- en of aanmerkingen laatste update 03-01-17 english nederlands deutsch workshop in Twente kurs in Twente Mijn Hengelo Mijn Hengelo op de cover van Baerreport - 100%

3: Teddy Bear Fair The original online Teddy Bear Directory with everything for Teddy Bear ...
Teddy Bear Fair online community. Virtual bear Fair for Teddy Bear Supplies, Teddy Bear makers and suppliers, bear fabrics, Teddy Bear exporters and Bear collectors. Teddy Bear Fair has Teddy Bear manufacturers, Teddy Bear .. - 100%

4: welcometobellybuttonbabydolls zoolady
Deborah Smith, designer and creator of most of the dolls you will see here. Please feel free to visit the Nursery to see dolls waiting for adoption, the Gallery, where you can see already- adopted dolls, or click on the Classes - 100%

5: Home Small Format Art - SFA - dynamic artworks no larger than 14 in any one direction!
All images copyright. Any inquiries should be directed to Jillian Crider - http www.JillianCrider.com - 100%

6: Home Page
Open Artists aims to be an organisation to promote philanthropy in art. - 100%

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