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1: Rock Climber
One and a half years ago, I was overweight. My cholesterol and blood sugar levels were beyond the roof. I was easily fatigued. My family, social and work life took a nose dive. Doctors predicted that my poor heart would give in if .. - 100%

2: Adventure Travel Hiking and Walking Tours in Europe, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, ...
Hiking and wallking tours throughout the Alps, Europe, the Rocky Mountains, North America, India, Bhutan, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and self-guided mountain travel. From the Mont Blanc Region, throughout the Swiss .. - 100%

3: Adventure Travel Tour Leader Rafting, Sea Kayaking, Multisport and Family Adventures
Adventure travel leader worldwide guiding multisport trips, family adventures, Idaho rafting vacations, Galapagos Islands tours ans sea kayaking trips. ROW Adventures has been rated 1 Tour Operator in the world and has been an .. - 100%

4: Small Group Tours Walking Tours Adventure Vacations
Renowned small group tour packages with Classic Journeys worldwide adventures for family, groups or solo travelers! See all available destinations and departure dates.. - 100%

5: Adventure Travel - 2Adventure
Life is an adventure. Let's live a little. Home Adventures Contact Us Adventure Travel Adventure Travel 2adventure.com is a directory and information portal to assist you finding interesting adventure travel tours, news and .. - 100%

6: European Walking Tours - active walking tours
Knecht Reisen - Fernreisen vom f hrenden Spezialisten - 100%

7: Wild Bird Atlantic Circuit 2014 15 Tim and Gayle onboard their Trintella 44
Tim and Gayle onboard their Trintella 44 - 100%

8: Eating Lots. Getting Lost.
- 100%

9: Trekking in Ireland
Online guide to Ireland s most memorable walking trails. - 100%

10: Annisha Lashand
Portfolio and blog for Toronto based writer Annisha Lashand. A place for prose, musings and life journeys. - 100%

11: Incredible Canes and Walking Sticks!
Canes, walking sticks, Folding canes and hiking staffs. - 100%

Here are pictures of a few of the places I have been. I have also been dabbling in the exciting hobby of taking pictures of flowers and bugs. I know, not very exciting, not like the exciting hobby of making fighting robots or .. - 100%

13: Places that Speak
The great storm skies of Idaho, with a third of the valley in sunshine and part of it in deep slate clouds announces dire consequences to those heading South. Teton Valley Idaho Nearing Tetonia The Joy of Old Faithful All have - 100%

14: Jakub Polomski Photography
Jakub Polomski is a Polish photographer specializing in landscapes travel photography. National Geographic prize winner. - 100%

15: Luke Allen Humphrey
Italy makes up the right side of the frame, France the left. Sketches from the Bugaboos Cecil Groetken looking 1,000ft down from the summit of Pigeon Spire in the Bugaboos after soloing the West Ridge. Denali expedition Denali .. - 100%

16: Andrey zarkly Semakin
Andrey "zarkly" Semakin Mar 4, 2015 Day 73 wip from stream How it works No comments 2d, character, making off Feb 28, 2015 Day 69 Friends Challenge Musical Association "Jeremy Soule - Far Horizons" No comments .. - 100%

17: www.theraceacrosseurope.com
- 100%

18: Walking and adventure holidays
Walking and adventure holidays with Adventure treks - 100%

19: Artha Enlart Photography - Nepal
..People waiting for their master's mortal remains." nepal katmandhu n pal katmandou buddhist bouddhiste hindu hindou travel sacred nepal katmandhu n pal katmandou buddhist bouddhiste hindu hindou travel sacred nepal katmandhu .. - 100%

20: Miss A. Noble - Home
Switzerland is such a beautiful country through and through. Although it s so cold, the landscape will really make you forget about the icy weather. Today we took a trip to the city of Lucerne, which is one of the most popular .. - 100%


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