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1: Burgundy barge cruises and boat rentals on the French Canals
Discover the best rated hotel barges and self-drive hire boats on the canals and rivers in Burgundy in France - 100%

2: www.circumnavigator.com
Watch for New Pix Below. Dates in Are Dates Posted Cole Ryder Morgan Levi Jameson Joshua Charlotte Family Genealogy Weddings Houses Holidays Trips Misc Latest Happenings 04 07 16 Cat Puzzle 2016 02 .. - 100%

3: Mouse Pad Online Super Store
As computers get older, they start to slow down. Even the best models with the fastest processors can start to feel sluggish over time. However, you don't necessarily need to replace your computer with a new one. There are simple .. - 100%

4: Starship Millennium Voyage
- 100%

5: AED
AED .. - 100%

6: JOCARA - Welcome News
Jocara is available for charter through Melinda Sea Adventures. Jocara has been in the Kingdom of Tonga for about five years now, chartering in the Vava'u island group. This is an idyllic collection of tropical islands frequented .. - 100%

7: index
Bruce and Ann have begun "living their dream". For more than 25 years, they've dreamed of retiring from the Air Force and moving aboard a sailboat. Well, they have done it. Bruce retired in May and they now live aboard their 33 .. - 100%

8: Allora The warmly cool, clear, ringing, perfumed, overflowing, redundant days, were as ...
Where in the World is Allora? Search for Search Recent Posts LAST Baja Post! San Jose Del Cabo to San Carlos 6 5 16-6 21 16 San Jose Del Cabo hospital visit to La Paz 5 21-6 5 16 Short passage, long couple of days An .. - 100%

9: SISS Home
..Nearly at 1200 followers! BIOGRAPHY All I think you need to know about me WRITING Excerpts from the Stone Island Sea Stories RESEARCH Includes a list of characters from the Stone Island Sea Stories LINKS Other sites or .. - 100%

10: S V Helios
SV Helios, s v Helios, Helios, Sailing, Cruising Couple, Island Packet, IP380 - 100%

11: thebunguycord
The pressure is on however. There is no reason to expect it to be any different, but like most of the world it has not escaped the ravages of population growth, small increases in personal wealth and consumerism, and technology. .. - 100%

12: Zac Sunderland
From the first day Zac Sunderland said hello to planet earth, it seems he was destined to live the sailor's life. Brought home from the hospital to his first home, a 55' Tradewind in Marina del Rey, California, he was assigned his - 100%

13: milosails Voyages Ventures of the Sutherlands
Voyages Ventures of the Sutherlands - 100%

14: Good for Whatever The Art of Travelling Wherever You Are
The Art of Travelling Wherever You Are - 100%

15: SV Black Sparrow 1976 Irwin 37' Ketch
Posted on April 7, 2016 April 13, 2016 Leave a comment on Burrrrrrr ! April 29th Bon Voyage It s beginning to feel real. April 29th we will bid adieu to many of our friends as we prepare to journey to Boston. There we will .. - 100%

16: James Cook's First Voyage Around the World 1768-71
An 18 hour interactive recreation of the voyage taken from the original ship's log - 100%

17: BlindSailing - Home
The Blind Pacific Crossing! On October 11th 2004 at 12 35 pm Pamela Habek and Scott Duncan cast off our lines, put the Golden Gate Bridge astern, and set sail on the open ocean!On November 10, 2005, after sailing over 9,000 .. - 100%

18: Sailing Zatara
A Family Journey - 100%

19: s v Sea Change n. a profound or transformative change, brought about by the action of the ...
June 27th for a month. We were not sure whether we could get somewhere where the flights were inexpensive enough for us to pay for them. And then when they came we could come up with an affordable plan to accommodate them. We .. - 100%

20: Blank
Freebirditude want to follow us ? setstats - 100%


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