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Top: Science: Alternative: Parapsychology
1: American Society for Psychical Research
The American Society for Psychical Research is the oldest psychical research organization in the United States. Founded in 1885, the ASPR has supported the scientific investigation of extraordinary, or yet unexplained phenomena .. - 100%

2: introduction to leadership
Many authors will define leadership as they see fit, some will define leadership within the narrow confines of their religion or doctrinal philosophy. As much as I do not have a universal definition of leadership, its my .. - 100%

3: lifetinkerer.com
What is the weather like? Use maps, GPS coordinates, and sketches to convey the information in the easiest and clearest manner possible. Read the book not just for the how-to of maintaining a science notebook, but for the .. - 100%

4: Home
Introduction to the Mind of Haley Masters. All rights reserved. View on Mobile - 100%

5: Home
You and nature are one inseparable entity. The moon, the sun and all the stars shine within you. All reality is experienced in your mind. Even your body is experienced only through your mind. All that is without and all that is .. - 100%

That is what I have tried to do, and it has led me to accept, however improbably they may appear, the reality and the consequences of the major cosmic processes which, for want of a better name, I have called planetization.. .. - 100%

7: Ravi S. Kudesia
Each word, a piece of you, contained in you. Yet something lacks when the pieces are put together. I have stacked truths on top of truths to reach you. Yet you remain higher still, uncontained by that contained in you. I have - 100%

8: home
Reality is setting in and things are moving! - Chronicles of the Diasodz Release of The One Discovered official website Yvette M. Calleiro author 0101 Copyright 2013. Yvette M. Calleiro. All rights reserved. View on Mobile - 100%

9: CraniumCommerce A place for believers
A place for believers - 100%

10: mariclaire russ
a curious look into recent and past works - 100%

11: Aware Theory
Conscious experience is full of beauty! The ideas presented in this web site have the potential ability to tie together all conscious beings, especially humans, in many positive ways which were unimaginable before! These types of .. - 100%

12: www.mikemckelvy.com
Website blog designer, Video production for business, Global multi-media, Houston's quietest private post house, quick-response skeleton film crew. Indie production rogue crew. - 100%

13: Bedroom Guardian Review DOES IT REALLY WORK?
Is The Bedroom Guardian Just Another Bug killer Scam Or Does it Really Work I Reveal All Prepare to be Shocked It's as secure as it gets. Will the Bedroom Guardian work for me? That's a good question! In fact it's so good, I .. - 100%

14: Tanveer Publication
Majority of people are unaware of the mental and spiritual side of prosperity. Hence they struggle through out their career and remain failure even at the end of their life. READ FULL BOOK Come to Free Education Majority of people .. - 100%

15: The Dasein Project philosophy. art. culture. Existentialism, Art, Photography, Psychology, ...
an online journal exploring, cultivating, and celebrating the human experience of being. - 100%

16: Damian D'Aguiar Personal Intelligence Edge Upcoming Events
June 14-15, 2014 Master Your Purpose! Damian D'Aguiar WHAT YOU DON T KNOW WHEN YOU DON T KNOW WHY! We reveal 77 little known new discoveries in science that matter. For example, Neuroscience is showing that because of .. - 100%

17: Bryan Quinn Productions presents Ultimate Game Show and Checkered Flag Interactive Racing
Bryan Quinn Productions presents Ultimate Game Show, the Nation's Premier Corporate Game Show Production Company and Game Show Equipment Retailer. We also operate Checkered Flag Interactive Racing, providing remote control .. - 100%

18: Constantin Basica
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