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A Seattle-based organization uniting Jews and African Americans in increasing tolerance and cooperation, and pursuing social and economic justice, primarily through Reparations to African Americans. A Seattle-based organization .. - 100%

22: Swim Talk -
This site is part of the Klat network of blogs, forums, and communities. Visit us today! Search form Search Search Archive by month January 2013 1 November 2012 1 June 2012 1 March 2012 3 February 2012 5 Go Recent Posts .. - 100%

23: Welcome To MRK Gurukul
Home About Us Concept of Guru Dr. R.K Virtous Life Sacred Home E Greetings E Gurukul Audio Video Contact Us WWW.YAJNASERVICES.COM, WWW.MISSIONRK.COM, WWW.AWGP.ORG LET US ADOPT AND SPREAD VIRTOUS LIFESTYLE - 100%

24: Reflection Junction on Africa
Picture Window template. Powered by Blogger. - 100%

25: Help End Racism In America Forever - Support Reparations For African Americans Now!
Help End Racism In America Forever - Support Reparations For African Americans Now! - 100%

26: African American Workshops
Blackfamilysite.org provides effective workshops, seminars, lectures, speeches, and informational materials on the growth and development of African Americans in the areas of family, the black male, health, and education. - 100%

27: Home
More to come in the making of our community. We will answer any questions about what you do and if it effects you being a man. to ask questions email us from the contact us page. MEns storys coming soon!! THE EVERYDAY MAN .. - 100%

28: Down With White Supremacy
.. Down with White Supremacy! Register for our online discussion on September 20th, 9 00 pm EDT Filmmaker Ronald K. Armstrong will be talking about this new film and also revealing Population Control The New World Order and Racism .. - 100%

29: Insights! Islam Fawzy
The personal blog of Dr Islam Fawzy - 100%

30: Prou's Thoughts
My site provides my views on things like Neanderthal cloning, race, ethnicity, nations and many other things I feel are important to the world. - 100%

31: Thought Print by Elden
Thought Print ThoughtPrint - 100%

32: Call Appel- Congress - www.africanpublius.com
Harambee Pan African Federalists! - http www.africanpublius.com - 100%

33: Thought-Provoking Social Political Opinion And News Commentary Axiom Amnesia
Axiom Amnesia is a website that provides thought-provoking commentary on social, political, and philosophical principles. Analysis of today s news and popular beliefs dispelling myths, dogma, and superstition, which are the .. - 100%

34: Quote Quotes, Aphorisms, Laws, and Thoughts
Over 1000 quotes, aphorisms, laws thoughts. - 100%

35: Feeling Financial
You should be the person of the year again. Why? You did much more this year. Instead of creating a bunch of 1 s and 0 s that's "data" if you're not a geek , you propped up the economy. You pay taxes right? You suffered and - 100%

36: The Optimiskeptic The butter knife of hopeful ideas, positive thinking, and measured ...
The butter knife of hopeful ideas, positive thinking, and measured skepticism - 100%

37: My front page - www.larrynicomathews.com
LARRY NICO MATHEW'S NEWS BLOG - http www.larrynicomathews.com - 100%

38: National Black United Front
civil rights organization, liberation organization, African Centered information - 100%

39: introduction
- 100%

40: The Only Afro in the Room
This week I had one prerogative write or explode. Obviously, a lot of other people felt the same way. Let s hope that the pen really is mightier than the sword. WordPress.com News Many details about the violent death of Michael .. - 100%


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