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1: www.borderequalszero.com
.. - 100%

2: web design by deepdisc collective
deepdisc is a international collective of artists, designers, muscians and programmers. - 100%

description here - 100%

4: Mediawhore Don Wrege
Your Page Title Optional page text here. - 100%

5: The Life and Times of BOSTON BLACKIE
The Life and Times of BOSTON BLACKIE -- Enemy to those who make him an enemy. Friend to those who have no friend. -- Movie, TV and Radio information on Boston Blackie. One of the fun PI's ?? of the 40's and 50's. - 100%

6: TinaH Beads
Good day for baking cookies.. I decided it was a good day to bake some cookies.. Here is what i went with.. don't they look good? Peanut Butter Cookies with M M's Ingredients 1 jar of peanut butter around 16 oz. - i use .. - 100%

7: Vindalf - A Heathen's Story
Could I survive without it? Sure I can, I did for many years, I mean seriously, it's not a piece of metal that's going to keep me going, but it is something that I choose to keep close to me all the time. 0 comments Categories - 100%

8: Still Heather
King Bluey went Ka-bluey! For the love of the Ol Blue Van! A few weeks ago the girls I were in a minor car accident. We were hit from behind by a crying high school girl. I'm not sure if the accident made her cry or it was .. - 100%

9: The Good Times Blog
Come On, Everyone Knows that Kids LOVE Clowns! Got a youngster with a birthday coming up? Stumped about what to get the little nugget for his or her big day? Here's an idea for you pay a scary clown to stalk the kid for 7 days! .. - 100%

10: BigGillyStyle's Blog
My thoughts on software development, fitness, and other ramblings. - 100%

11: Find out Who Called any Phone Number
Find out Who Called any Phone Number - 100%

12: the sustainable century
Regulatory Klieg Lights, Corporate Photophobia and Sustainability. Written by on December 9, 2014. Posted in Uncategorized salud-la-fotofobia I like a good government intervention from time to time. Problem is, good, market moving .. - 100%

13: Big Yapper BigYapper Twitter
The latest Tweets from Big Yapper BigYapper . Ever watch Fallon, Meyers, Kimmel, Stewart, Colbert, O'Brien, Letterman? Of course you do! Follow BigYapper You're gonna get a nice surprise . New York Los Angeles - 100%

14: A Blog For The City That Never Reads
Shawshank Redemption's not really a prison movie," he said. Rather than arguing with him, I just assumed he was trying to impress people in a douchey way by citing a widely-loved film that's supposedly uplifting. I'm sure his - 100%

15: Overcoming With God
Penniless she takes on a job as governess to earn a living. When she is attending a dinner party at her employer s house she learns where the man lives who took her fortune. Shortly after that she is breaking into the man s .. - 100%

16: What I See
Hula Hoops were supposed to be a fad. Just like Social Media. Seems not so no fad but perhaps a form of play that is evolving before us. And, though I d like to explore lightly in this post the elements of gaming, shifts - 100%

17: Metroidpolitan
Arm cannons and lip gloss. Gender roles and video games. - 100%

18: Polite Rebellion
Polite Rebellion filtered all Navigation filtered all tech music quote sports design change ideas travel community people poetry Featured Apr 5, 2015 change Ab Apr 5, 2015 change Ab From Sucking to Inhaling Apr 5, 2015 change Ab .. - 100%

19: Stuff I Reckon Varied thoughts of someone who can't keep quiet
Varied thoughts of someone who can't keep quiet by CabernetVoltaire - 100%

20: The Minch Foundation
You are a successful businessman. People owe you a hundred thousand dollars or more. But when have you ever taken time out to give back to your community? The Minch Foundation. Top A Division of Golden Aloysius Heavy Industries. - 100%


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