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21: a Brain Tumor and a Dream - intro
Brain Tumor and a Dream. There is an abandoned building ex-church in Caltabellotta Sicily, which I am in the process of restoring into a Center for Inspiration. My first post-op visit to Caltabellotta I immediately understood .. - 100%

22: AntiPhilosopher
But I certainly am - vehemently - anti-Philosophy with a big P. A good deal of philosophy seems to be intentionally obfusticatory. Very particularly on the questions of mind, consciousness and brain. The materialist "scientific .. - 100%

23: polytope a science blog by Nicole Haloupek
a science blog by Nicole Haloupek by Nicole Haloupek - 100%

24: Stephanie Kayne - Home
The official website of romance novelist Stephanie Kayne. - 100%

25: Servant-Leadership the Starting Point
The concept of servant-leadership continues to fan the revolutionary thought in the minds of working people living in different parts of the world. The idea belongs to Robert K. Greenleaf 1904-1990 In his essay titled - The .. - 100%

26: Words - Varan Bhaat
Spicy Tales From The Blandest Place On Earth - 100%

27: The Literary-Historical Fantasy Darwin s Dreams Sean Hoade, Writer Of Things Stuff
Darwin s Dreams is fiction that explores the poetry of science. The nonlinear dance of imagination. And the cruelty that life can bring to even the noblest of men. In 1831, when Charles Darwin joins Robert FitzRoy s HMS .. - 100%

28: The Etz-Files Blogging about science, statistics, and psychology
Blogging about science, statistics, and psychology by Alex Etz - 100%

29: The Provincial Scientist
What makes an efficient car? Green car technologies explained Internal combustion engines How to drive more efficiently Energy Explained Most Popular Recommended reading The speed of time Marvellous Homeopathy Gravity Explained .. - 100%

30: Exile and the Empire
Existentialism and the American Writer - 100%

31: www.devahome.net
This site sets out to present and preserve work that Dr Geo and Steven Guth have researched over forty years. Section 1, Articles on Devas , discusses the concept of Devas and how it can be approached from numerous .. - 100%

32: Modern technology Owes ecology An apology. Mechanical Technology
.. This must be kept in mind when designing the engine. Air flow into the engine will be unidirectional considering the fact that the vehicle will be primarily used to move forward. This is the reason why the front portion of the .. - 100%

33: benpadiah.com
..All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self-evident." -Schoepenhouer "When a nation's leaders do not uphold, but break, the laws they are sworn to .. - 100%

34: Idler's Cove Press Publishers of Works Best Pondered Philosophy Beginnings Ecocosm ...
Book publishers Works Best Pondered - 100%

35: -
.. - 100%

36: TBUN Black Power Black American Nation
Stupidity The Black Man's Claim To Fame In The New Age? A video has gone viral on the internet and is being accepted passed as comedy among black people. However, to the conscious analytical mind this is far from comedy. Why do .. - 100%

37: Stephanie Kayne - Home
The official website of romance novelist Stephanie Kayne. - 100%

38: Eclectic Observations
Not the world itself. Take the concept of dimensions in space-time. You do realize there really isn t any such thing as 3 dimensional space? Look around you there are no X, Y and Z coordinates there. No perfect vector lines .. - 100%

39: The Science of Interstellar
Here is the trailer of the movie! Warning! Spoiler Alert! Interstellar is a movie directed by Christopher Nolan, which premiered in October 26, 2014 in Los Angeles. The plot is that the world is facing a terrible situation, caused .. - 100%

40: Strange Harvest
There is a macabre fascination to see the country falling apart. Perhaps its even a collective national version of Freud s death drive. For Freud, deep in the human psyche was a vestige of our origin state of pre-organism, a .. - 100%


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