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21: About Politics
About Politics - 100%

22: Gr ne-W rfel
A dumping ground for stuff about gender, sexuality, board games, music, books, kink, mental health, and anything else I feel like writing about. At this time, I do not support comments, but I do welcome contact via email or .. - 100%

23: R a f i k i L D N The weight of the world is love . . . Under the burden of solitude, ...
This is the home page's excerpt - 100%

24: ZigTags - Your Source for Social News and Networking
ZigTags provides the latest news on the top websites around the web. - 100%

25: Tired Middle Aged Man Quests of a worn out disillusioned middle aged man
Virginia insisted she would walk the dog. That along with the fact I have a hard time forfeiting a non-refundable deposit was enough to persuade me to bring home a female Maltese dog with an initial tag of Honey Dew Mellon .. - 100%

26: The World's Greatest Advice
Advice you need. - 100%

27: Monica Ann Edmonds - Children's Author, Children's Books, Classic Children's Books
Ask Sallie Mylie Wylie. Copyright 2016, Monica Ann Edmonds. All rights reserved. View on Mobile - 100%

28: Home Template 5 - achiever
Carley Thornell, left, with Kae Audette, right. Relationships Y DON T U LUV ME Survey says social media coming between millennials and happiness young couple with smart phone Sports Adventure PEAK EXPOSURE Pro snowtographer .. - 100%

29: Glow Up Girl Health. Beauty. Prosperity. Sisterhood.
Health. Beauty. Prosperity. Sisterhood. - 100%

30: Selfishprotein.net
Webmagazine on Feminism and Lesbian Art. English and Japanese. Feminism and Lesbian Art working group Offline meeting info, mailing list, links. English and Japanese. To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Definition, Overview, Local news, .. - 100%

31: Better Self Studio- Your Better Self Source.
A Self Help site covering many different categories. To help you become more confident happy. fitness,career,motivation,fashion,beauty,stress more - 100%

32: You Are Enough Change Your Story
Today is the day you change YOUR story. You are not your past, or your mistakes, or what someone else says you are. You are enough and you are worth it, but only you can change your story. - 100%

33: Driven Professional Career, love, money, and fashion for the Young Professional
Fitness, Career, Relationship, and Fashion Advice for Young Professionals and 20-somethings - 100%

34: www.sparklesandsports.com
Advice for women pursuing a career in pro and college sports - 100%

35: Sarah M Anderson Home
Are cowboys your weakness? Or maybe the Indians always did it for you? Either way, I ve got you covered. Come on in and meet modern-day cowboys and cowgirls and Indians. The West is a whole lot wilder these days! I guarantee .. - 100%

36: Fit Farm Mom
Fit Farm Mom Almost 40 something mom, wife and farmer out to empower women to live a healthier and fit lifestyle. Learning to love the simple things and enjoy this world around us. No posts. No posts. Home Subscribe to Posts .. - 100%

37: Confessions From the Pantry Everyone has their refuge.
Confessions From the PantryEveryone has their refuge. Home Meet Our Family Brett s To-Do List Fitness Starving Young Living Essential Oils My Story My husband made me do this. February 16, 2016 1 comment Article It s no .. - 100%

38: Bilitis Magazine lesbian radical feminist news and social commentary
Hang tight--you'll see content here soon! - 100%

39: Audacity of Women Voices of ReSisters!
Voices of ReSisters! Audacity of Women, Voices of ReSisters is a collaborative blog site for women and other supporters of women to tell their stories, voice their opinion and share information on what is happening in the United .. - 100%

40: Life Is All About Relationships All Relationships Are Under Construction
.. All Relationships Are Under Construction - 100%


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